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Important Announcement 24 Mar 2016

*NuSkope acquires Devoted Broadband*

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NuSkope is pleased to announce that it has acquired Devoted Broadband.

We wish to emphasise that all contracts, service information, and historical data are being transferred as part of the acquisition process to ensure continuity of your internet service with Devoted.

*About NuSkope*

NuSkope was established in 2007 as a specialist wireless networking provider. We have built a solid reputation amongst customers by providing broadband to areas of metropolitan Adelaide which were typically in broadband black-spots. NuSkope's reputation as a reliable, fast and South Australian owned internet service provider combined with competitive pricing has seen the company grow rapidly.

NuSkope considers this acquisition as a valuable opportunity to strengthen and broaden our internet services. We understand that you rely on us in your daily life and in business and we aim to ensure that we continue to provide you with the same quality of service, and continue to improve that service.

Our acquisition of Devoted will be effective from 25 March 2016. NuSkope will be responsible for processing all services and billing from this date. If you have been paying by credit card, you do not have to make any changes and you will continue to be billed in accordance with your existing terms of service with Devoted. (Transaction will show as Ra-WiFi or NuSkope) For any other payment methods, NuSkope will be contacting you with new billing details shortly. Your next invoice will include BPAY details for those with online banking.

*Contact Details*
Contact details remain the same for Devoted, however you can contact NuSkope directly with the below details:

* Phone : 1800 733 418
* Website: http://www.nuskope.com.au
* Billing: [email protected]
* Support: [email protected]
* PO Box 253 Salisbury SA 5106

Any users who do not wish to continue their service with NuSkope/Devoted should let us know as soon as possible (within 40 days of this letter). Users are free to transfer their service elsewhere without penalty during this time.

We ask for your patience during the transition process as we work to optimise our service to you. If you have any further questions or would like to provide us with feedback on how we can improve our service during the transition, please contact the NuSkope help desk at [email protected] or by phone on 1800 733 41.

*The NuSkope Team* - We're Devoted to you