1300 728 884 or (03) 9436 4566

At DeVoteD we believe communication is the key in providing support to customer who are late payment prior to suspending or termination of your account. A simple call to our billing team will generally result in a payment extention.

Customers who are experiencing financial hardship can apply for either a bill extension or discuss with us a payment plan in accordance with our financial hardship policy.

If you require a bill extension please call 1300 728 884 or (03) 94364566 our customer service staff can extend the invoice for 7 days without management approval. 


Your Internet service may be suspended due to unpaid and overdue invoices. This may be due to though not limited too:

  1. Direct deposit made without any reference.
  2. Credit card details expired / declined.
  3. Automatic payment details being dishonoured.
  4. NON payment of account.


Before DeVoteD will suspend your service we will contact you via one or more of the below methods

  1. Notify you via SMS about your overdue invoice. (Unless no mobile has been given)
  2. Send you emails.


Above notifications will be sent automatically each business day around 4pm.

Post Paid Accounts (DeVoteD Phone and DeVoteD VOiP call charges are examples of post-paid services)
We will notify you (on business days) until your Post-Paid service invoice is 7 (psychical) days overdue, on day 8 we will suspend your internet services until payment is received. An email and or SMS will be sent to you regarding the service suspension.

For example if your invoice is due on the 7th of the month you will receive upto 5 emails & 5 SMS’s notification regarding your overdue invoice, on or after the 15th of the month your service will be suspended.


Pre Paid Accounts
For Pre-paid services we will restrict / suspend your service after 2 business days being overdue.



Will I still be charged during this suspension?

CHARGES will still apply for both phone and Internet charges during this suspension as your service has not been terminated.

Post-paid services will be suspended for 5 business days, Pre-paid 2 business days your service will be terminated and ALL applicable termination fees will be chargeable.
DeVoteD will send a warning email 2 business days prior to cancelation.

For Example;

Post Paid servicesPre Paid services
Invoice Due Date: 7thInvoice Due Date: 7th
Suspension date: 15thSuspension date: 10th
Termination Date: 22ndTermination Date: 14th

Systems are all fully automatic and it is important to call us to request payment extension to avoid suspension / termination

DeVoteD is more than happy to discuss payment options / payment plans in accordance with our financial hardship policy to avoid termination.



If I make payment or ask for an extension how long until the service is restored?

Data and phone plans that are suspended are generally re-activated within 5-10min after payment is received.


Payment Methods

At DeVoteD we accept the following payment methods

*If you do not select an automatic payment method, payment is required prior to the due date.
If you constantly fail to pay prior to the due date, this may result in the non automatic payment option being withdrawn and an automatic payment method is requierd before your account is un-suspended (even if your account is brought upto date). .


What happens if my account is terminated due to non-payment.

You will receive a email / SMS 2 days prior to such termination and 9am on the morning of termination. Accounts will be terminated after 5pm on the termination date if no contact has been made by the consumer to DeVoteD.

Your internet / phone connection will be disconnected. ALL applicable termination charges will be calculated. Any welcome credits / bonuses / discounted offers will also be forfeited and charged in full and is in addition to the termination fee.

A termination invoice will be sent out. At the same time your account will be sent off to a debt recovery agency. Any associated costs with this debt recovery will be charged by the debt recover agency to the customer in accordance with section 5 of the SFOA

What happens if I want to reconnect my account after termination due to non-payment.

After all outstanding amounts are paid a new contract will need to be entered into.